Arzl Datentechnik

Make opportunities of difficulties!

hardware and software development of embedded devices since 1999.
Major contributions to projects based on the following archidectures:
ARM, AVR, C167 (Micronas SDA6000='M2'), NXP1300 (former TriMedia), M68000, Etrax 100LX ( Axis), MIPS
under the OS: bare silicon, Linux, android, Windows, pSOS (real time OS), PalmOS, Symbian and some more
using the languages: C/C++, Java, Python, bash, PHP
solving problems like: low latency video en- and decoding, driver development,
data validation, data aquisition, remote updates of embedded devices, light controll, data logging, and many more.

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Markus Arzl

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6671 Weissenbach

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EORI: ATEOS1000081042

Zu meinem Pausenfüller-Projekt: Das Couchsurfing Buch

Ich verkaufe für einen guten Freund eine Maxi 77 (Segelboot)