Markus Arzl, Software Development
- profile -


  • semi professional SW development since 1990
  • studied data engineering at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria, 1995-2000
  • enjoyed work with a start up company ( FAST tv-server) in Munich 2000-2001
  • independent development since 2001


work on LAN video encoder/decoder
  • DVB
  • Mpeg2 video
  • h.263 - DivX/XviD ports
  • experienced in open source SW development
  • familiar with the operating systems:
    • psos ( an embedded real time OS)
    • PalmOS
    • Linux ( user space and kernel space, drivers, ...)
    • Win32


tv-server hd video
  • C/C++
  • Java - on PCs and SIM cards (java card)
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Bash scripting
  • some SQL, Makefiles, Assembler, Fortran, HTML
  • some Basic dialects: Visual Basic for Access, Oval on Psion


VBI teletext re-inserter
  • participated in some board bring ups
  • fairly good understanding of HW in signal level
  • I2C bus - in depth in many cases
  • PCI in some special cases
  • SPI – developed drivers
  • IDE/ATA – developed a Nexperia driver and a file system
  • SSI
  • JTAG
  • design and production of simple PCBs


  • PCI analyzer
  • I2C analyzer
  • logic and mixed signal analyzers


hard disk video recorder
  • tv-server AG , Munich, Germany
  • nice video security, Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • tvtv-services ( a branch of Sony Europe), Munich
  • betty tv, Munich, Germany


some NXP1300 based PCI cards
  • innovative analogue hard disc video recorder, C166 based
    my parts: the flash device drivers, RC drivers, CPU sleep + wakeup, file system, in field firmware update process, theshutdown concept and mechanism
  • prototype of a hard disk VCR, Nexperia NXP1300 based
    my parts: IDE connection, file system design and implementation, flash-less boot from disk, flash driver, boot from flash, IR driver, MPeg2 decoder
  • Mpeg2 decoder module, Nexperia NXP 300 based
    my parts: IDE connection + drivers, I2C debugging + multi master implementation
  • stand alone low delay network video Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 codec, NXP1300 based, G711 Audio codec
    my parts: port of XviD decoder, implementation and design of the DSP part of the project
  • Java collaboration tool
  • Digital camera storage solution for the tourism industry, Linux based
  • betty interactive tv prototype on Palm hand held
  • Sony Clie IPG + RC prototype implementation, modified and extended open source SW “Plucker”
  • Teletext VBI re-inserter, redesign of SW and HW
  • TV service data verification ( DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T, VBI)
  • IR spy to automatically read out IR codes of TV remote controls, ARM based
  • RF monitoring and debugging tool with data logger and sender, Axis 100LX (Etrax) and Chipcon CC1100 based
  • NW interface box to program digital VCRs via Internet by using a debug serial port, Axis 100LX “Etrax” based
  • prototype of a GSM heating system monitoring device
  • further in the past:
  • network based PalmOS game in Java
  • Health care Java Card application for the Bull Simagine contest
  • Office Solutions, Visual Basic for Access + SQL
  • developed an extremely small interpreted language for embedded usage

I'D SAY I ...

part of my workshop
  • get familiarised very quickly with new interesting projects and environments
  • got strong alalytic and extrapolating thinking talents
  • am strongly interested in science in general
  • am used to take on responsibility
  • am innovative
  • enjoy meeting interesting people
  • like music (guitar), sports, languages
  • love traveling and camping

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